Warranty Policy for New and Refurbished Machines


New Units:

New units will come with an operation manual and registration instructions. Register the unit with the manufacturer to start their warranty policy. Warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer’s warranty assistance department to inquire about any repairs under their warranty guidelines.

Refurbished Units:

All units have been extensively tested and are in fully refurbished, working condition when they leave Performance System’s facility and will be ready to use immediately upon delivery. However, please remember that these units are used, and despite our best efforts, sometimes you may still encounter problems with any piece of floor equipment.

Due to this, we extend a 6 month limited parts warranty unless otherwise stated.

If a machine is sold AS-IS, there is no warranty.

We have extended warranties available for an extra charge at the time of purchase. Inquire about your options with your salesperson.


We will try to work with you as quickly as possible to resolve any situation that may come up, as we fully understand you need your machine working in your facility. However, there will be no compensation made for any downtime of the machine or a rental of a substitute machine if the customer deems it necessary to have one while repairs are in process.


We do not warranty Products against normal wear and unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, negligence, damage, if the Product is used for a purpose for which it was not designed, or if the parts or machines are deemed discontinued by the manufacturer.

Common wear items such as, but not limited to, squeegee blades, brushes, hoses, lids, skirts, and wheels will not be covered under the parts warranty.

Upon Delivery:

Most units are shipped FOB Destination – Performance Systems retains the risk of loss until the goods reach the buyer. Anything shipped otherwise will be noted.

Packaging processes are specifically put into place to protect the customer from receiving damaged units. All units have instructions on them for proper removal of the product. Once a unit has been delivered and signed for, any damages to the unit in the process of removing it from the pallet is the customer’s responsibility and will not be warrantied.

Therefore, prior to signing for a delivery, inspect the unit for any damage to the shrink wrap, pallet, or other shipping materials. If “PS” is not spray-painted on the shrink wrap, it is recommended to remove the shrink wrap and look for damage.

3rd Party Deliveries:

If a delivery is being made to a 3rd party customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate the aforementioned delivery policy to the 3rd party location to follow the delivery steps outlined. Even if the delivery driver did not contact the customer prior to delivery as instructed, the customer is responsible for conveying those steps to the facility.

Upon receipt, if the unit is not functioning properly, you must contact us within 1 business day of receipt. At that time, discretionary action will be taken by Performance Systems.

Operation of Unit:

Units arrive with an operator’s manual. Contact your sales rep if you did not receive a manual with your unit. Failure to follow the operator’s manual, troubleshooting guidelines, lack of training and/or lack of knowledge of operating the unit will void all warranty on the unit.

Filing a Warranty:

Below are the steps that should be taken if a mechanical problem has occurred.

• Call Performance Systems at 319-472-3011 to report the problem.

• A technician will troubleshoot the issue via phone and/or video if necessary. Many times it is a small issue that can be resolved through these channels. **Failure or unwillingness to work with a technician in a reasonable manner voids the warranty**

• If the technician cannot resolve the issue via phone the customer may call a repair facility of their choice for further trouble shooting and diagnosis. The customer is responsible for all charges from the repair facility.


a) Most inoperable parts will be replaced within 6 months of receipt of unit. Common wear items such as, but not limited to, squeegee blades, brushes, hoses, lids, skirts, and wheels will not be covered under the parts warranty. A new or used part will be sent to the customer or the repair facility at the discretion of Performance Systems.

b) A deposit for parts may be required prior to shipment to the customer.

c) The customer is responsible for shipping the defective part to Performance Systems. Once the defective part has been received, tested, and deemed a warranty item, the deposit will be refunded.


Labor fees are not covered.


Travel fees are not covered.


New Batteries: 1-year prorated manufacturer’s warranty.

Used batteries: AS-IS, with no performance guarantee or warranty.


For your peace of mind, we offer a no questions asked return policy. You may return the machine within 30 days in the exact condition that it was received in. The buyer must pay shipping on return with insurance included in that price and a restocking fee of 25% of total price of the unit. Buyer will also pay for any damages or repairs to machines as determined by our technicians once we receive the machine back at our facility and no refund will be given until machine has been examined. Buyer must also palletize and assist in shipping the same as they did upon receipt.