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We have seen the scissor lift, in either real life or in television cartoons. It has bars that bend upward and downward, with a platform that moves vertically. You can practically hear the stock cranking sound from vintage Wile E. Coyote episodes. In reality, the noise is a high-pitched whine, that reminds a person of a power saw. Bystanders need to cover their ears when the scissor lifts do their job.

You own or rent a scissor lift to help construction workers and painters do their jobs far from the ground. No one wants to fall from a skyscraper in the middle of the workday, especially when they need stable footing. Firefighters also use these machines that are attached to their trucks so as to reach trees and second stories. These aerial working platforms have saved lives and will continue to do so.

Scissor lifts can only go in fixed directions but they are sturdier and cheaper for temporary work. They have larger platforms, which allow for more people to work at once; the carrying capacity increases efficiency for your larger jobs. For contractors that are seeking temporary usage in one fixed location, a scissor lift rental speaks of practicality and abiding by your budget.

The Batteries You Need

You need backup energy on hand for your projects, at a reasonable cost. Losing power on a warehouse scissor lift can cause delays in construction while waiting for a new battery, or lead to malfunctions at the wrong time. You want to make sure to have batteries readily available, long-lasting, and on hand.

When you have a battery-powered scissor lift, you want to make sure you have the right energy source for your machine, whether it’s a CR-205 or a 12CRV100. Your work platform has to hold steady in the sky, or while hugging a skyscraper. Dead scissor lifts mean that the work has to be delayed, for safety. Construction also runs on tight deadlines, with how many crews work in the same city and have to follow regulation.

At Performance Systems Janitorial, we have a large array of models in stock, and our lift battery prices are suited to your various budgets. Whether the replacement battery or a charger for a JLG lift that can be used on the job, our experts can recommend the perfect fit. The battery numbers 205 and 235 show energy capacity; otherwise, their physical dimensions match and they are interchangeable in the same machine.

Performance Systems Janitorial also has fair shipping policies. Most batteries have high shipping costs because of the hazardous materials they contain; Performance Systems Janitorial offers free shipping on four or more batteries and will send them within a reasonable time frame.

Find Your Charge Today

You want to make sure that your workers can avoid a scissor lift accident after they have learned the safety rules and that they can finish their assignments smoothly. Good batteries will ensure that you meet OSHA standards and honor your contracts.

Performance Systems Janitorial is always available to answer your questions. Our experts want to power your pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical scissor lift. Reach out to us today, so we can help!